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U.S. National Open

Howdy Ghostown! I am writing to give you a quick update of what my dad has been up to recently.

Firstly, just a few weeks ago my dad won the U.S. National Open in Terlingua. The cook-off, which had approximately100 cooks, is one of the most prestigious cook-offs in the country and is hosted by the High Sierra El Dorado. Ronda Haberer, a Terlingua local who was on National Geographic’s docu-series, Badlands, Tx, cooked with my dad and placed third, automatically qualifying her for the TICC 2016 cook-off. All of the other members of the show were also in attendance. Another member of the High Sierra cooking team, Herman Everett also placed fifth. Suzanne Sweet, won first in show, clenching another win for the High Sierra cooking team.

My dad would also like to welcome Jack and Jenny Windsor to the High Sierra cooking team and wish them good luck.

Below, there are some photos from the cook-off.

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